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Morphological reasoning of the efficiency of application “Iruksan” inthe experiment

et al. Rautskis V. P.

Reports of Morphology


Treatment of infected and purulent wounds remains an actual problem nowadays.
Scientific and practical interest is caused by the use of collagenase enzyme for wound debridement. Aim: to study morphological changes in contaminated and purulent wounds when using "Iruksan" ointment containing collagenase. To reproduce a wound infection, the wound was contaminated with a pathogenic strain of Staphylococcus aureus in combination with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Microbiological, histological and statistical studies were conducted during the experiment. Control of contamination and identification of pathogens took place in all rats after contamination before use of ointment and at the day of exclusion from experiment.

Due to microbiological findings, number of microorganisms in the wounds of animals of the control group remained practically unchanged (p>0.05) until the 10th day of observation, and in the experimental group ("Iruksan" ointment was used in the treatment of wounds), the number of microorganisms in the wounds has already decreased by the 7th day of the experiment (p<0.05). The obtained data correlate with the results of a morphological findings, especially with the severity of the inflammatory process. We noticed reduction of signs of the inflammatory process and the improvement of epithelization of the wound defect in the group of animals that were treated with "Iruksan" ointment containing collagenase.

Due to the results of histological studies, complete coverage of the wound surface with newly formed epithelium was revealed on the 7th day of the experiment in the experimental group, in contrast to the control group where, on the 7th day, typical signs of the wound process for this time period were determined. In the control group of animals, epithelization of wounds was observed on the 10th day.

The obtained data demonstrate expedience of use collagenase-based ointment for the treatment of wounds
in the first phase of the wound process. It results in faster wound bed cleaning from necrotized tissues and enhance epithelialization.


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