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Spheroid Culture System as method for Dental Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Et Al. Caroline Mèlou



The objective of the present work was to develop a three-dimensional culture model to evaluate, in a short period of time, cartilage tissue engineering protocols.

The spheroids were compared with the gold standard pellet culture. The dental mesenchymal stem cell lines were from pulp and periodontal ligament. The evaluation used RT-qPCR and Alcian Blue staining of the cartilage matrix.

This study showed that the spheroid model allowed for obtaining greater fluctuations of the chondrogenesis markers than for the pellet one. The two cell lines, although originating from the same organ, led to different biological responses.

Finally, biological changes were detectable for short periods of time. In summary, this work demonstrated that the spheroid model is a valuable tool for studying chondrogenesis and the mechanisms of osteoarthritis, and evaluating cartilage tissue engineering protocols


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