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Tissue-like cultured fish fillets through a synthetic food pipeline



Tissue-like cultured meats of some livestock have successfully been established by different approaches. However, production of a structure similar to fish fillets is still challenging.

Here, we develop tissue-like cultured fish fillets by assembly of large yellow croaker muscle fibers and adipocytes with 3D-printed gel. Inhibition of Tgf-β and Notch signals significantly promoted myogenic differentiation of piscine satellite cells (PSCs). The mixture of fish gelatin and sodium alginate combined with a p53 inhibitor and a Yap activator supported PSC viability and proliferation. Based on the texture of fish muscle tissue, a 3D scaffold was constructed by gelatin-based gel mixed with PSCs. After proliferation and differentiation, the muscle scaffold was filled with cultured piscine adipocytes. Finally, tissue-like fish fillets with 20×12×4 mm were formed, consisting of 5.67×107 muscles and 4.02×107 adipocytes.

The biomanufacture of tissue-like cultured fish fillet here could be a promising technology to customize meat production with high fidelity.


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