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Topoisomerase IIα immunoexpression in feline mammary carcinomas: Acorrelation with Ki67 immunoexpression and the mitotic count

et al. Loposzynski



The aim of the study was to compare the immunohistochemical expression of topoisomerase IIα protein (Topo IIα) with Ki67 expression and mitotic count in feline mammary carcinomas (FMCs). Topo IIα is considered as a proliferation indicator as well as a molecular target of anthracycline chemotherapy.

The studied material included 70 FMCs from female cats treated with mastectomy. Primary mouse monoclonal antibodies directed against Topo IIα and Ki67 were used in immunohistochemical reactions. The number of mitotic figures was counted at 400× magnification in a field of 2.37 mm2. Immunohistochemical reaction for Topo IIα occurred in cell nuclei.

The Topo IIα index ranged from 6.12% to 54.60% and was positively correlated with the values of the Ki67 index (r = 0.7193) and the mitotic count (r = 0. 2858). This indicates the potential possibility of use of the immunohistochemical expression of Topo IIα to assess the rate of proliferation in FMCs. The wide range of expression of Topo IIα in individual tumorus found in the conducted studies allows us to hypothesize that its assessment could be used as a predictive marker in chemotherapy of FMCs with the use of anthracyclines. However, this requires confirmation in clinical trials.


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