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Treatment efficacy of lung metastasis in breast cancer


Radiology and Oncology


Radiotherapy is an essential treatment modality for multiple malignancies. Currently, over 60% of all cancer patients receive radiotherapy, either alone or in combination with other therapy such as surgery or chemotherapy.1,2 Despite advances in radiotherapy, cancer cells that survive after radiotherapy acquire treatment resistance.3,4 Radio-resistance of cancer cells reduces the effectiveness of radiotherapy and limits the delivery of a sufficient amount of radiation to the tumor, leading to normal tissue damage and fibrosis along with an increase in radiation dose.4 In addition, metastasis is a serious hurdle for successful cancer treatment and a leading cause of cancer death in patients with breast cancer. However, no therapeutic strategy is yet available to reduce metastasis.5,6 Therefore, it is important to understand the mechanism of cancer metastasis after radiotherapy with the aim of developing an effective therapeutic strategy.


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