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A novel patient-derived immortalised cell line of myxofibrosarcoma: a tool for preclinical drugs testing and the generation of near-patient models

et al. Ania Naila Guerrieri

BMC Cancer



Myxofibrosarcoma is a rare malignant soft tissue sarcoma characterised by multiple local recurrence and can become of higher grade with each recurrence. Consequently, myxofibrosarcoma represents a burden for patients, a challenge for clinicians, and an interesting disease to study tumour progression. Currently, few myxofibrosarcoma preclinical models are available.


In this paper, we present a spontaneously immortalised myxofibrosarcoma patient-derived cell line (MF-R 3). We performed phenotypic characterization through multiple biological assays and analyses: proliferation, clonogenic potential, anchorage-independent growth and colony formation, migration, invasion, AgNOR staining, and ultrastructural evaluation.


MF-R 3 cells match morphologic and phenotypic characteristics of the original tumour as 2D cultures, 3D aggregates, and on the chorioallantoic membrane of chick embryos. Overall results show a clear neoplastic potential of this cell line. Finally, we tested MF-R 3 sensitivity to anthracyclines in 2D and 3D conditions finding a good response to these drugs.


In conclusion, we established a novel patient-derived myxofibrosarcoma cell line that, together with the few others available, could serve as an important model for studying the molecular pathogenesis of myxofibrosarcoma and for testing new drugs and therapeutic strategies in diverse experimental settings.


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