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MPXV infectionand antibody response in human

et al. Francesca Colavita

Journal of Medical Virology


Information on the immune response during the mpox virus (MPXV) infection is still scarce or limited to past studies when cross-reactive immunity from smallpox vaccination was predominant. Here, we describe the short-term kinetics of the antibody response in patients with acute MPXV infection during the 2022 multicountry outbreak. 

A total of 64 samples from 18 MPXV-positive patients were longitudinally collected from the day of symptom onset (DSO) up to 20 days after and tested for anti-MPXV immunoglobulin G (IgG), IgM, IgA, and neutralizing antibodies (nAb) using the whole-live virus isolated in May 2022. IgG, IgM, and IgA were detected as early as 4 DSO (median time of seroconversion 7.5 DSO for IgG, 8 DSO for IgM and IgA). Anti-MPXV nAb were detectable in samples collected as early as 1 week after symptoms, with stable levels up to 20 DSO. After 2 weeks, IgG and nAb reached high titers.

No significant differences were observed regardless of status of smallpox vaccination, human immunodeficiency virus positivity, or disease severity. Significant lower levels of IgM and IgG were observed in the patients treated with antivirals. These results contribute to extending the knowledge of the MPXV infection and the antibody response in a population with no historic smallpox vaccination.


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