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Peculiarities of organometry and morphoarchitectonics of the heart of the Domestic ram (Ovis aries L., 1758)

et al. Leonid Horalskyi

Ukrainian Journal of Veterinary Sciences


Today, cardiovascular diseases are the dominant diseases of animals, which most often lead to their death both in Ukraine and worldwide. Therefore, morphological studies of the heart at the cellular, tissue, and organ levels are essential in clinical cardiology for in vivo ultrasound diagnosis of functional and organic heart lesions.

The aim of the study was to perform a histological and cytomorphometric assessment of the morphological structures of the sheep heart using macroscopic, histological, and morphometric methods. Using morphological methods, the hearts of sexually mature clinically healthy animals (n=5) belonging to the class Mammalia – Mammals, species Ovis aries L., 1758 – domestic sheep (ram) were studied.

The absolute and relative heart weights of mature sheep were determined, which are, respectively, 208.4±9.82 g and 0.44±0.007%, and the weight without epicardial fat is 175.0±8.17 g. The heart of sheep, according to the development index (145.5±4.02%), belongs to the expanded-shortened anatomical type.

The most developed components are the ventricles. At the same time, the ratio of the mass of the heart ventricles to its net mass is 1:0.78, respectively, the ratio of the mass of the atria is 1:0.22, and the ratio of the mass of the atrial myocardium to the mass of the ventricular myocardium is 1:0.29. The largest volume was found in the cardiomyocytes of the left ventricle – 3982.99±423.96 μm3 , the smaller – in the right ventricle – 2463.02±318.04 μm3 and the smallest – in the atrial cardiomyocytes – 1215.93±176.94 μm3 .

The volumes of cardiomyocyte nuclei in the left (53.42±5.18 μm3 ), right (52.85±4.33 μm3 ) ventricles and atria (50.16±4.57 μm3 ) were almost identical. Nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio was the lowest in cardiomyocytes of the left ventricle – 0.0136±0.0062, slightly higher in cardiomyocytes of the right ventricle – 0.0219±0.0079 and the highest – 0.0430±0.0096 in atrial cardiomyocytes.

The obtained results on the macroand microscopic structure of the heart of bighorn sheep (Ovis aries L., 1758) complement the information on the morphology of the sheep heart in the relevant sections of histology and comparative anatomy and are necessary for clinical cardiology


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