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Polymorphic Malignant Melanoma (PMM) of the Left Helix:
Case Report with Clinical-Pathological Correlations



Malignant melanoma (MM) is known to be the great mimic in dermatopathology. Over time, several variants have been described, not all of which have repercussions on the clinical/oncological management of the affected patient. The existence, however, of these alternative forms of MM is of great interest to the pathologist, as they are potentially capable of inducing diagnostic errors affecting the diagnostic-therapeutic care pathway (PDTC).

In this paper, we present a very rare case of polymorphic MM, in which five different morphological aspects coexisted in the same lesion, confirmed by immunohistochemical investigation and by RT-PCR for mutation of the BRAF gene and discuss the importance of correct recognition of these different morphological features to avoid misdiagnosis.


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